Nurture Philosophy

Today, your buyer is in control more than ever. They don’t reach out until ready to purchase. With search, social media and peer to peer forums, decisions are almost made without you.

How are you going to change that?

Better yet, how are you going to use this new environment to your advantage, beat your competition, and direct that inbound inquiry towards your organization?

Great Things Happen with Nurture Marketing.

When buyers buy, they turn towards those they trust.  Nurture Marketing positions you as an expert provider of needed solutions from day one of your buyers’ journey, enabling you to establish that trust. Nurture campaigns deliver highly relevant content—such as whitepapers, news, and webinar invitations—tailored to your potential clients’ needs, demographics, and behavior. This content is delivered in a progressive flow based on response to each communication. The Nurture approach:

  • Fosters dialogue and allows a relationship to build over time
  • Positions you as a trustworthy industry expert—not a pushy salesperson
  • Educates potential clients about your products and services through your provision of useful solutions and educational content
  • Keeps you top of mind so potential clients turn to you when ready to buy

With Nurture Marketing, you provide valuable services before those services is needed. By the time your buyer is ready to purchase, you have already established your track record and proven your ability to deliver. Why would a client turn anywhere else?

Nurture Marketing Starts—and Started—Here.

More than twenty years ago, our company co-founder Jim Cecil invented the concept and approach of Nurture Marketing. When Microsoft needed his help to garner more prospects and yield more sales, Jim decided that the one-off punch to boost numbers overnight wasn’t good enough. He wanted more for his client. He wanted to redefine the way we think about marketing.

While it took a lot of research and strategic insight, Jim’s approach centered on a simple philosophy: like any good relationship, customers want your loyalty and respect. They want to know you’re looking out for them, listening to them, and tailoring your products and services to address their needs.

That’s how the concept of Nurture Marketing began. Today, our principles have enabled us to build and sustain connections—and cultivate relationships that last a lifetime.

Marketing with persistence, consistency, reciprocity, rapport, and ethics.

These five pillars of strength are the foundation of Nurture Marketing. Each is independently as important as the other, but together they create structure, develop loyalty and earn trust.

Persistence. It’s fairly easy to get attention for fifteen minutes (or seconds). Maybe this tactic brings in sales for a couple of days or weeks. But eventually, people’s interests wane. And if businesses are shouting at them to buy some new product or service, customers learn to block out the noise. The key to staying top-of-mind is in consistently delivering meaningful solutions that make a difference in your customer’s lives. It requires tailoring each message for your targets. And using different media for 12 months or more. That takes tenacity, purpose, and dedication to long-term results.

Consistency. What do you want your customers to see, hear or think about you? Is top quality your forte or are you a budget-minded brand? Are you sleek and sophisticated or do you elicit energy and excitement? Whatever your aspiration, it’s critical to be consistent in your message because consumers link specific adjectives with your brand and expect you to deliver on their assumptions. In other words, effective customer relationship marketing hinges on being clear, focused and consistent.

Reciprocity. You’ve heard of the golden rule—treat others the way you’d like to be treated. It’s the guiding philosophy of human nature. And it’s central to Nurture Marketing. We believe that every effort should be made to deliver real value to customers—whether it’s information that guides better decisions or products and services that enriches their lives. That’s how we approach our own relationships with clients, and it’s what can set you apart from the abundance of one-and-done sales attitudes percolating throughout the market. Because giving is rewarded with loyalty, trust and respect.

Rapport. How do you develop rapport? You stay connected. You work with integrity. You deliver on your promises. Of course, this can take a while. This is why we craft long-term programs that enable you to build relationships, engage in conversations, and show your customers what they mean to you.

Ethics. Businesses are sometimes so focused on the bottom line that they lose sight of what got them where they are. While revenue is important, staying true to your founding principles makes a bigger impact on your customers. They want to believe in you. They want to stand up for you. They want to proudly showcase the fact that they found a company that knows what matters to them, motivates them, and makes them feel important. So it’s critical to understand what drives your audience. And if what you deliver doesn’t meet their needs, you’ll still gain their trust and respect (and perhaps even referrals) if you’re prepared to guide them to a company that aligns with their interests.