Would you rather have an event, or an experience?

Some events are easily forgotten. That's typically because they don't offer anything new or change the way we think. At Nurture Marketing, we believe that every event needs to dig into the problems people are looking to solve and provide them with information that alters their perspective. As such, we offer:

Expert Speakers

Motivate. Educate. Entertain.

All of our Nurture Partners have experience in producing and leading webinars and training programs—and can drive discussions on anything from marketing fundamentals to specialized topics. Nurture Marketing principles are always at the core of these presentations, but themes and subject areas can be tailored to meet your specific goals and aspirations.

“I want to extend the warmest of thanks for your—nothing short of AMAZING—presentation. I have been to many lectures and listened to some pretty incredible speakers in the past; however, your presentation moved me like no other. Your impassioned presentation spoke volumes. I will most certainly tell others.”

—J. Simon

“In 15 years of going to seminars for life insurance and financial planning, I have never heard anyone discuss the business owners’ risk level as you did. This is our target market and this speech was very enlightening! Thanks for providing business insight into the business owners different world.”
—D. Taylor

“What a wakeup call. You electrified our firm with your powerful stories, case studies and incredible marketing savvy. You injected a new sense of excitement about new client acquisition into every member of our firm.”
—M. Kunath

“Our members rate you the highest possible of speakers and topics they have heard. We have only had one other speaker in all of our years of forums where all members rated our speaker a straight 5 (on a scale of 1 to 5) on presentation and straight 5s on take home value. Your comments, lessons and ideas will be used by our members over and over again!”
—R. Fritz

With one of our informative and entertaining speakers on center stage, you’ll get inspiration to help you launch a Nurture program, including:

  • What Nurture Marketing means—and how it can help grow your business
  • Inspiration to help your team work together and achieve results in new ways
  • How to adopt and implement a winning Nurture Marketing Strategy

Meeting Facilitation

Get more from your meetings.

You call together your team into the meeting room. You talk about new strategies and ideas. But how can you ensure everyone walks out knowing how to put those ideas into action?

Nurture Marketing will help you resolve critical business decisions with expert meeting facilitators. If you have limited time, and limited access to your company's thought leaders and decision makers, consider bringing in a Nurture Marketing facilitator to make your next meeting more productive.

Nurture Marketing facilitators provide you with:

  • Plans and processes to develop your strategies
  • Objective, third-party insights that can point out strengths and areas that need improvement
  • Action plans to ensure your ideas and strategies are implemented
  • CARE programs that provide tracking of your meeting outcomes