Demand Generation

Stay in demand to stay ahead of the pack.

Amplify your marketing efforts with a Demand Generation campaign that works in tandem with your Nurture Marketing activities. We have a host of programs that complement the initiates you’ve already put in place, including:

Custom Campaigns

Your needs, delivered.

Nurture Marketing will collaborate with your in-house team to design a custom direct marketing campaign integrating direct mail, e-Mail, social media and any additional content you may need.  Plus, these Custom Campaigns give you control over your messages by tailoring them to decision makers.

While we offer packaged programs, these custom campaigns help you put all of the pieces of your marketing plans together into a cohesive, easy-to-execute program.

Sales Wave

Draw a crowd.

Want to fill your pipeline? Generate more sales in less time? Try the Nurture Marketing Sales Wave Campaigns.

The Sales Wave program is an intensive 90-day campaign that combines direct mail and telephone appointment setting services to help you get in touch with highly probable prospects. Unlike our other Nurture programs, which are designed to maintain top-of-mind relationship building, the Sales Wave program uncovers sales opportunities in the short term—getting you immediate results.

The success of your Sales Wave Campaign depends on a compelling call to action or offer. This could be a free product download or finance offer, or a showcase that highlights something unique about a product or service you’re offering.

How it works.

First, you’ll consult with one of our sales program coordinators who will learn about your business goals, help you choose a list of your hottest prospects, and create a strong call to action.
From there, one of our Nurture Marketing writers who specializes in sales messaging will create the perfect direct mail combinations that will produce results. This six-point touch program consists of:

  • Touch 1:  An introductory sales letter with a memorable and compelling enclosure
  • Touch 2:  Appointment setting call by our sales appointment specialists
  • Touch 3:  A large mailer sales letter with an enclosure of your choice
  • Touch 4:  A flat mail letter designed to hit hard on your value proposition and your call to action
  • Touch 5:  A large mailer sales letter with an enclosure of your choice such as a case study or white paper proving your value
  • Touch 6:  Appointment setting call by our sales appointment specialists

Throughout the process, we’ll keep in close contact with you to continually feed you appointments and provide you with helpful feedback.

Once complete, we will generate a campaign report—so you can measure the effectiveness of the program and determine the goals for the second Sales Wave. Because some prospects may not be ready to buy right away, you can leverage additional marketing programs or receive guidance that will help your sales team fill your pipeline.

You can decide whether you want a Sales Wave program that can run on its own with minimal impact on your team, or create a strong, collaborative effort between Nurture Marketing and your own sales and marketing teams.