Nurture 365

Nurture 365 for Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 Partners

As a Microsoft Partner, you are well aware that your buyers’ personas have changed in recent years and that their behavior throughout the buyer’s journey has changed as well. Prospects and clients now engage with you later in the decision process.

To respond to these changes, and even utilize them as a strategic advantage in the marketplace, your organization needs to be nurturing 365 days a year. Nurture Marketing has developed a program to help your organization jump-start or accelerate your 365-day-a-year nurturing execution.

Step 1 – Differentiation and Calls to Action

As a Microsoft supplier, the Nurture Marketing Team has worked with literally thousands of Partners over a 20-year period. We find that the most successful marketers in the Partner ecosystem have very clear differentiation messaging and calls to action. The messaging and associated offers resonate with the buyer personas and translate immediately to how you can help their business. Messaging differs a great deal depending on your target market and the type of workloads you support.

Our team has developed a process to help you ensure that your first impression is favorable and that your message is properly reflected in the most common venues a prospect will visit to research your organization.

  • Nurture content audit and assessment ($750)
  • Nurture messaging workshop and messaging development ($750)
  • Messaging updates to LinkedIn company page ($750)
  • Messaging updates to Microsoft Partner Center profile ($750)

Step 2 – Audience and Data Enhancement

When launching a new practice such as an Azure solution like Internet of Things support or Dynamics 365, your target audience and decision-maker personas may need to be re-evaluated or at least refreshed. We often find that a significant portion of the target audience may not be represented in the contact database.

As part of the Nurture 365 process, our team will assess your existing data and identify the ideal organizations, persona types, and contacts who need to be reached to make your marketing programs successful. A typical campaign requires a minimum of 500 new organizations with contacts and 500 updated contacts for organizations you have already targeted. (Often this involves finding new contacts from a list of undeliverable email addresses.)

  • New contact data ($500)
  • Updated contact data ($500)

Step 3 – Nurture Outreach, Including Sales Surrogate℠ Hybrid Tele-Nurturing

Once your database has been refreshed and your messaging is clear, it is time to jump-start or accelerate your outreach. Nurture Marketing’s Sales Surrogate℠ service combines live calling, a personalized 1-to-1 email sent from your organization’s sales representative, and a voice mail from your representative. Sales Surrogate℠ callers have extensive experience discussing Microsoft solutions and key Partner differentiators. The Sales Surrogate℠ platform also makes it possible to increase the number of dial attempts per hour, which adds to the program’s overall success.

See the Sales Surrogate℠ Brochure for more information.

  • Sales Surrogate℠ initial Partner setup and Campaign 1 setup ($500)
  • 30 hours of Sales Surrogate℠ outreach ($2,100)
  • Total Campaign Cost: $6,600

(The database becomes the property of your organization and may be used for other campaigns.)