Self Service Campaigns

Ready-to-Go Marketing Campaigns for your Channel? Oh yes. We really make it that easy.

With Ready-to-Go Marketing Campaigns from Nurture Marketing, you can provide your channel partners with all of the necessary elements they need to execute a compelling, high quality campaign that gets results. All they need is the ability to send an email or mail a letter - we will take care of the rest.

We provide the foundation, the plan, the compelling emails and letters and even a "How To" Guide to make it one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to deliver an outstanding marketing campaign.

Don't be fooled by how easy we make it - this is no plain jane marketing campaign. Each Ready-to-Go campaign is completely customized for your partners to match their target market, offers and objectives.

What's included in a Ready-to-Go Marketing Campaign?
  • Personal consultation to strategize compelling offers and content to share
  • Detailed campaign calendar and action plan
  • Six (or more) professionally written emails and/or direct mail letters
  • Content to use for an online campaign landing page
  • "How To" Guide

Did we mention every campaign is custom? Additional services are available to support your partners such as telemarketing/telesales, graphic design, list acquisition and more.

Also available to help you deliver the most successful email marketing campaigns is our robust and professional marketing automation tool, CallidusCloud® Marketing Automation (LeadFormix).

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation (LeadFormix) is packed with features for the professional marketer including campaign management, website lead tracking, individual email activity alerts, real-time dashboards, detailed reporting and more.