Sales Battlecards

Understand your competitors to know your opportunities.

An understanding of who’s playing in your industry and what they’re doing well—and could be doing better—is invaluable to your business. Through the development of Competitor Battlecards, Nurture Marketing has helped many B2B companies uncover key indicators that have led to substantial growth.

Sales Battlecards

What it is

A snapshot of the who, the what and the why behind your competitor’s business.

What it provides
  • Extensive research on your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses
  • A breakdown of their marketing strategy, messaging and products
  • A look at their leadership, sales structure, capabilities and technology
  • A clear outline of your advantages and how you can use them to win
  • Tactics and recommendations to successfully market against the competitor
What it means for your business
  • Having a competitor analysis at your fingertips will shorten the sales cycle, resulting in more closes in less time
  • Your sales force will be armed with a comprehensive roadmap to help them navigate one-on-one sales presentations
  • The at-a-glance guide is designed to sharpen the skills of your seasoned team, while providing a time-saving training tool for new hires