Channel Immersion

There is no such thing as an overnight expert.

Mastering new skills takes time, repetition, and focus. With Nurture Immersion, a comprehensive training and marketing development program, your channel partners get the tools and resources they need to create and execute consistently high quality, revenue-generating marketing programs.

How? With a series of tasks, webinars, and individual sessions—tailored to your specifications. That way, your channel will receive the training and consulting on the key elements needed to build a solid marketing plan, including:

Data Profiling and Segmentation
  • Differentiation
  • Messaging
  • Lead Generation
  • Consistency

To keep motivation and enthusiasm high—so your team continually contributes to strong marketing efforts—each successfully completed task is rewarded.

Why Immersion?

Better information. Improved retention. More revenue.

We all learn by doing, experimenting and making mistakes. Nurture Immersion supports this kind of learning environment by using your channel partner’s own experiences—and expert help is provided at each step along the way.

This helps maximize learning, boosts retention, and builds a stronger team that can help you execute high-impact marketing programs to grow revenue.

Immersion is

  • Cumulative. Each step of the six-month program builds upon lessons learned from previous steps, making it easy to learn and grow.
  • Customized. Your partner’s executable marketing plans will be tailored in such a way that they can apply local knowledge, insight and know-how to generate results.
  • Rewarding. Monthly rewards incentivize learning and motivate your team to master new information.

What’s Included

  • Nurture Training is a six-to-twelve month program, which gives your channel partner time to integrate newly learned tools and practices into their business.
  • Monthly training and action e-Mails are sent to your channel partner to keep them up-to-date.
  • Friendly reminders will automatically be e-Mailed informing your channel partner when a task is due or overdue.
  • Our Marketing Coaches will work one-on-one with your channel partner to review assignments and help everyone work towards their ultimate goal: commit an executable marketing plan to paper.
  • Nurture Helpdesk—which comes with Nurture Learning at no additional cost—provides you with supplemental, ongoing support to achieve maximum retention and results.

The Benefits
  • Transform the long-term selling power of your channel partners by teaching them how to market using appropriate strategies and best practices.
  • Incorporate your key initiatives and goals into customized plans.
  • Receive 12 months of top-of-mind awareness for your company and secure your place in your channel’s marketing plans.

“I want to thank you for your ‘expert tutelage’ during my journey through Nurture Training. I have learned many new things and have had a few old ones reinforced. I know that this program will play an important role in our company success going forward. We now plan to execute our first real campaign and I personally look forward to the results and also to new campaigns for our other services markets. Again, thank you for the time that you have invested in our success.”

—Tim Womble, Wilson Price Information Technology

“Nurture Training helped us take an already functioning marketing program and add structure, focus and discipline to its raw edges. By working through the monthly exercises, we have come to understand what we are doing well, and where we needed to make improvements. One of the most beneficial outputs of the program was the learning gained by interviewing our customers and better understanding how they see and value our services. We are now executing the marketing plan that was the primary output of the Nurture Training and seeing our business grow.”

—Kevin Abel, CEO, Abel Solutions

“Nurture Training has taught us the value of nurture marketing, through which we have been able to increase our visibility with potential new clients. We have hosted events for potential clients and, when considering how best to follow-up and follow-through, have returned to the lessons learned from Nurture Training. I would recommend it for anyone interested in building their business and increasing and strengthening client relationships.”

—Bob Madison, Marketing Director, Dataccount, Inc.

“For the first time in our 22-year history, we learned from Nurture Training how to effectively execute a focused marketing program. As a result of our more focused marketing, we closed six new deals that were a direct result of our marketing efforts and we have a very active rolling pipeline of 40 – 50 prospects.”

—Joe Lerro, CEO, Eclipse Computer Systems

“Nurture Training was one of the most effective Microsoft partner programs. Our company obtained practical, effective marketing knowledge and know-how for a consulting practice. Most importantly, the training resulted in a company marketing plan with implementation tasks tailored to our company's practice, size and budget. The Nurture Helpdesk is essential to support the marketing plan roll-out.”

— Bob Romanzi, Principal, Solyspoint