Channel Enablement

Learn. Discover. Flourish.

Give your channel partners everything they need to thrive—from mastering the fundamentals of successful marketing, through building a plan, to executing a well-thought-out vision. Nurture Channel Essentials comprises guided training, in-depth consulting, and ongoing learning programs.

Get guided training with Nurture Immersion. Discover new ways to improve your business with Nurture Consulting. Keep your marketing fresh with Nurture Learning programs. Because even the best training requires follow-up, all of our Channel Essentials programs come with additional Nurture Helpdesk Support.

Channel Immersion
With Nurture Immersion, a comprehensive training and marketing development program, your channel partners get the tools and resources they need to create and execute consistently high quality, revenue-generating marketing programs. >> Read more.
Channel Consulting
Nurture Consulting uses tools and processes to help you and your channel recognize and capitalize on current strengths, as well as work towards future improvements. >> Read more.

Channel Learning
Nurture Learning programs synthesize in-depth information with a fun, easy and interactive learning environment. Programs can focus on single areas, like improving social media, or support you and your channel partners in building stronger overall strategic plans. >> Read more.
Sales Battlecards
This head-to-toe snapshot of your competitor’s business gives you an invaluable understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. It enables you to position yourself more successfully in sales and marketing, and provides potential guidelines for developing long term strategies. >> Read more.