Case Studies


“We work with Nurture Marketing because they deliver. We get results and our partners get results.”
Paula Gil, Senior Marketing Manager, US Dynamics Mid Market, Microsoft

Nurture Marketing

“Thanks to Nurture, I am doing well and the business is growing nicely again. Wow, that was a rough couple of years. I kept hammering away and we have been religious with our Nurture program and it does work . . . I had a guy walk in off the street and he said I have been receiving your marketing messages and you are the type of company I want to work with. WOW! Nurture Marketing is working!”
Jeff Hamons, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Nurture Training

“Nurture Training helped us take an already functioning marketing program and add structure, focus and discipline to its raw edges. We are now executing the marketing plan that was the primary output of the Nurture Training and seeing our business grow.”
Kevin Abel, CEO, Abel Solutions

Nurture Training

“Even though I have been marketing in the Microsoft channel for nearly 10 years, I still find the Nurture Training program helpful! Especially having their Helpdesk services to give me a fresh perspective and new ideas on my campaigns. They always respond right away and are willing to spend as much time as needed to assist me.”
Anya Ciecierski, Marketing Manager, CAL Business Solutions Inc.

Channel Programs

“It was tough to find a solution that would work toward our overarching corporate goal while remaining viable for individual global channels and understandable across diverse audiences. Nurture Marketing quickly grasped this complexity and was able to help us deliver an execution strategy for the Channel with relevant program content and results-generating tactics that truly work.”
Susan Somersille-Johnson, Head of Global Services Trade Marketing, Nokia